About JewelAcc

Jewel Acc is a complete Jewellery management software which is specially designed for Jewellery businesses.

The software provides you all that you ever need for your Jewellery business as it contains a wide variety of advanced features that will reduce your time and enhance your business revenue.

Our Software has lots of advanced search features that return a brief summary of the Jewellery items, processes, orders, categories, and many..

Increase Your Sales with Us

Easy to Set up Simple to use

Integrated Mobile app

Error Free Management

Daily Reports & Followup

Data Security

Cost Effective

legal compliances

Easily maintain

Delegate task effortlessly

Fast and Auto Calculations

Auto Job Assignment

Fast and reliable

JewelAcc Software Features

  • There is complete followup of order, starting from placing order to billing.
  • Each detail and note of order can be easily managed with smart order management features.
  • It includes the whole production process and billing too.
  • Save the details of the customer and party for one time and then just select and enter the record quickly.
  • All the details and past order’s records will be there inside the software, which is easy to select and analyze.
  • Easy to track each step of production process including Casting, Melting, Cutting, Stone Setting, Polishing, Rhodium, Filling, Fitting Etc.
  • Slot wise production process
  • Auto Calculation of wastage after production
  • Loss Calculation Method
  • Labur Calculation Method
  • Software can manage cash flow in the business more effectively.
  • Day today transactions, cash balances, fund transfers, bank reconciliation will be recorded.
  • To manage accounts by software can be proven as time saving as well as cost effective too.
  • All the accounts such as P&L, trading account, and balance sheet all are handled through software.
  • Detailed Analysis and summary of accounting data will be also available
  • No need to write account books or manage any separate accounting software.
  • Easy to get monthly or quarterly reports of GST
  • To manage stock of gold, Raw material and metals
  • All kinds of expenses including Bills, inventory and day to day can be followed through software.
  • Records will be easy to analyse these things.
  • Can separately manage the labelled and unlabelled stock
  • Casting department can be managed very well through software.
  • Can manage simple order or design wise order in job order creation
  • Easy to fix the rate in the master
  • Easy to make bill of casting
  • Can manage parcel and angadia more accurately and effectively.
  • Easy to manage the department of tagging, labelling and barcoding.
  • Only admin can have full access of the software
  • Admin can give access to any staff member as per requirements
  • Can track the changes done by any allocated access/role
  • Loss management of each metal including gold, alloy, diamond etc
  • Metal balance sheet

Why JewelAcc Is best?

It is designed for tracking and managing thousands of records of any Jewellery industry with fully integrated Order Management, Job Work, Transaction, Stock Management, Melting/Casting Manufacturing, Expense Management, Salary Management, Parcel Management, Report, GST & voucher services to suit all Jewellery organization's needs.

Exclusive JewelAcc Software

Jewel Acc is a specially designed software for jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers for managing, monitoring and handling business activities. It allows seamless Management of manufacturing and wholesale business by ease of use, standard functionality and automated systems that take to a new pick to your business. To track the production process from order to billing is now easier, faster and cost-effective than ever.

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