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Jewellry Wholesale Software

Jewellery Wholesale Software

Welcome to JewelACC – your ultimate Jewellery Wholesale Software. With our specialized software, we streamline every aspect of wholesale operations, from transaction management to inventory control. Our software empowers wholesalers to optimize efficiency and profitability. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to streamline processes with JewelACC.


Why You Need Jewellery Wholesale Software

inventory control

Streamlined Inventory Management

Gain complete control over stock levels and streamline inventory tracking with efficient management functionalities, minimizing errors and saving valuable time.

improved order

Improved Order Management

Say goodbye to manual updation and effortlessly manage orders on a single platform. Track order statuses, leverage barcode scanning capabilities, and ensure timely completion for informed decision-making.

Financial Workflows

Enhanced Financial Workflows

Simplify financial processes and eliminate manual tasks with our comprehensive billing module, saving time, minimizing errors, and streamlining workflows.

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Managing transactions in a single place becomes easy with Jewel ACC. Simplify repeat business by reordering for the same party with a single click. Implement a party-wise transaction management system to streamline your financial interactions and foster strong relationships with,

  • Party-wise transaction management
  • Reorder with one click for the same party
  • Access and view transaction details
  • Print detailing outstanding payment reports
  • Quickly add tag items for sale or management
  • Manage cash payments, cash receipts, bank payments, bank receipts, and round-off amounts
  • Adjust waste for specific items
  • Create and print vouchers for transactions
  • Manage party outstanding
  • Easily move to the transaction panel for additional action

Streamline inventory management with a robust and user-friendly system. Gain complete control over stock levels with efficient tracking and management functionalities. By leveraging software to access detailed information, and make informed decisions that minimize errors in the inventory management process. This comprehensive solution offers features like:

  • Inventory tracking and management
  • Manage items with categories
  • Party-wise item management
  • Able to generate item tag
  • Generate tags based on specified criteria
  • Download PDF or Excel sheets with detailed item information
  • Modified old data as needed

With an item patterns module wholesalers can simplify a well-organized and centralized digital catalog. With Jewel ACC the wholesaler management software saves valuable time. With a few clicks can create a visually appealing and comprehensive digital catalog with ease. This comprehensive solution provides everything you need:

  • Access and manage item patterns
  • Add item patterns with detailed information
  • Add item patterns with images
  • Manage digital catalog
  • Item stock overview
  • Upload item patterns in bulk by downloading and adding sheets.
  • View details with options to download or delete items
item pattern

Manual updation is now gone, now manage the order management process on a single platform. Easily track orders based on status, like Ready Order, Out of Stock, or Catalog Order. Also, leverage barcode scanning capabilities for effortless tracking of outstanding jobs, ensuring timely completion and informed decision-making.

  • Manage stone details that used in the order
  • Preview the order details before finalizing
  • Modified order as required
  • Track the status of orders
  • Manage tree-related operations when the order type is Casting
  • Easily shift orders to the casting process
  • Print a document with the order details including images
  • Track job outstanding while scanning barcodes

Our comprehensive wholesale jewellery software empowers you to streamline your financial workflows. The billing module simplifies financial processes. A wholesaler can save their valuable time and minimize the risk of errors.

  • Manage Tax Invoices, Labor Invoices, Stock Transfer Vouchers and Payment Receipt</span
  • Auto calculate CGST, SGST, IGST</span
  • Keep store and view history party-wise</span
  • Edit, Update, and Delete Invoices as needed</span
  • Print Invoice with Letterhead</span

Now managing parcels becomes easy. Our jewellery wholesale management software tracks shipments efficiently and securely. It saves valuable time and minimizes the risk of errors throughout the jewelry delivery process. By leveraging this module, wholesalers can ensure valuable pieces reach their destinations seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Parcel data management
  • Include insurance details for the parcel
  • Modify or remove parcel details as needed
  • Access records of completed parcels

Say goodbye to manual processes to manage salesman data. Easily manage your sales team information, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. Gain real-time visibility into stock levels assigned to individual salespeople. Here are the features that help to gain valuable insights into your sales performance.

  • Add new salesman details
  • Modify or remove salesman details as needed
  • Manage cash payments, cash receipts, bank payments, bank receipts, and round-off amounts
  • Salesman wise track the stock details
  • Adjust waste for specific items
  • Item tag management and scan tag
  • Keep the history
  • Print or download PDF or Excel sheets of the salesman’s stock detail

By leveraging this powerful Bank Management module, it becomes easy to streamline bank management into a single platform. View a comprehensive record of all your bank transactions, facilitating clear financial understanding and analysis. This user-friendly system allows you to:

  • Bank details management
  • Manage to withdraw funds from the bank account
  • Manage deposit funds into the bank account
  • View the history of transactions
  • Modify or remove bank details as needed
  • Download PDF or Excel sheets containing bank details

Get financial clarity with expense management in Our jewellery wholesale software. This user-friendly system simplifies tracking and analysis, providing valuable insights to optimize business. Make informed financial decisions, and optimize operations for greater efficiency and profitability.

  • fficient expense tracking and management
  • anage data while specifying the payment method, such as cash, for accurate financial records
  • ownload PDF or Excel sheets of detailed expense information
  • odify or remove expense entries as needed

Our wholesale jewellery software helps to get real-time data on stock management and efficient management tools. By stock management module, now optimize production planning, minimize stockouts, and maximize efficiency across the entire operation. This comprehensive solution helps you:

  • Provide insights into inventory levels at a glance
  • Download PDF or Excel sheets with detailed stock information
  • Manage stock movement by recording stock ins and outs
  • Match stock items to salesmen or other criteria
  • Easily access or search for individual stock including stock levels, sales history, and other relevant details.

Track your daily activities effortlessly, capturing essential information with just a click. Also, gain valuable insights and make informed decisions with detailed reporting. With the report analysis identify areas for improvement and make profitable decisions.

  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Detailed report for a transaction, salesman turnover, day close, stock-ins, stock-outs, etc
  • Print a report with the daily activities summarizing
  • Export reports in Excel format with a specific date range

Jewelry business has changed, Shouldn’t your software?

Why Choose JewelACC forJewellery Wholesale Software?

Industry Expertise​

We prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our customers above all else. Our commitment to delivering exceptional value and service drives everything we do.

Comprehensive Features

JewelACC offers a comprehensive suite of features, covering transaction management, inventory control, order management, financial workflows, and more, catering specifically to wholesale operations.


JewelACC is designed to scale your business, accommodating increasing volumes and evolving needs, ensuring long-term success and growth.

Exceptional Support

At JewelACC, we pride ourselves on providing remarkable customer support. And offer assistance from implementation to ongoing usage and ensure a seamless experience for our clients.


Maximize operational efficiency and profitability with our Jewellery Wholesale Software. Let’s unlock a secret of streamlined processes and lucrative benefits for your business.

Time-saving Automation

Automate repetitive tasks such as invoicing, order processing, and stock management, freeing up valuable time for strategic decision-making and business growth.

Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Ensure timely order fulfillment, accurate invoicing, and seamless communication with customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

reduce cost

Reduced Operational Costs

Streamline processes, eliminate manual errors, and optimize resource allocation, resulting in reduced operational costs and improved profitability.

Data Security

Data Security and Compliance

Protect sensitive business data and ensure compliance with industry regulations by implementing robust security measures and data encryption protocols, safeguarding your business reputation and integrity.

Real-time Reports

Real-time Reports

Access real-time insights, actionable reports, and data analytics to make informed decisions about inventory levels, pricing strategies, and business expansion opportunities, maximizing profitability and growth potential.


Seamless Integration

Integrate JewelACC with existing software systems, e-commerce platforms, and third-party applications to create a seamless ecosystem that enhances efficiency and productivity across your entire business operation.


Key features include transaction management, inventory tracking, order management, billing and invoicing, parcel management, salesman management, bank management, expense tracking, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and much more.

Jewellery Wholesale Software offers numerous benefits, including improved efficiency, enhanced inventory control, streamlined financial workflows, data-driven insights for decision-making, scalability, and better customer relationship management.

Yes, JewelACC offers customization options to tailor the software to your specific workflows and business requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Yes, Jewellery Wholesale Software includes robust inventory management features, allowing wholesalers to track stock levels, manage item categories, generate item tags, and analyze stock movement to optimize production planning and minimize stockouts.

Jewellery Wholesale Software typically includes advanced security measures such as data encryption, role-based access control, and regular data backups to protect sensitive business information. It also ensures compliance with industry regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Yes, JewelACC offers customer support services, including implementation assistance, training resources, and ongoing technical support to ensure a smooth and successful experience for users.

To get started with JewelACC, just reach out to us for a free demo or trial version, evaluate your business needs, and work with the vendor to implement the software and train your team for seamless adoption.