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1.3 Manage Transaction

Step 1: Go to Transaction


Step 2: Add to party click the navigation icon.


Step 3: Fulfilling data typically involves entering all relevant information about the party or event into the software.


Step 4: To add a new party or item, simply click on the plus icon, and then select New Party or New Item from the menu.


Step 5: After filling in all the necessary details, click the plus icon to save the information and add it to the database or system.


Step 6: Show the data is add.


Step 7: After filling in all the details (* field required) click on ADD then click on Save.

  • Shortcut Key ctrl + S
  • 7-transaction
  • Save data and automatically generate a print preview for easy viewing.
  • 8-transaction

Step 8: Click on Previous Party to navigate to the preceding event, and Next Party for the subsequent one.


Step 9: In software, Edit allows modifying content, while Delete removes it. These operations ensure users can revise and manage data effectively.


Step 10: Click the Print Icon. You can highlight the button through where we can print the data.


Step 11: View the Print Details.


Step 12: Add Cash Payment, Cash Receipt, Bank Payment, Bank Receipt and Round Off

  • 1. Select Type
  • 12.1-transaction order
  • 2. Add Amount Click plus icon
  • 12.2-transaction order
  • 3. Edit and Delete Amount
  • 12.3-transaction order
  • 4. After filling in all the details (* field required) click on ADD then click on Save.
  • Shortcut Key ctrl + S
  • 12.4--transaction order

Step 13: Party Outstanding

  • 1. → Go to Other → Party Outstanding
  • 13.1-transaction order
  • 2. Print Party Outstanding Data.
  • 3. View the print.
  • 13.3-transaction order

Step 14:  View Pending Payment

13.4-transaction order

Step 15:  View Outstanding Details

13.5-transaction order

Step 16:  Move to Transaction Panel

13.6-transaction order