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3.2 Manage Salesman

1. Navigate to Other, select Salesman Order Partner, then choose Other Options.
Go to Other → Salesman Order partner

Manage Salesman-1

2. Add new Sales Partner and Item.

Manage Salesman-2

Step 1: Enter the Salesman Details and click the SAVE Button.

Manage Salesman-3

Step 2: Enter the Item Details and click the SAVE ButtonManage Salesman-4

3. Enter The Detail.

Manage Salesman-5

4. After filling in all the details (* field required) click on SUBMIT & PRINT.

Manage Salesman-6

5. View the Print.

Manage Salesman-7

6. The Edit icon enables detail modification, Delete icon removes data.

Manage Salesman-8

7. Edit Waste.

This helps in accurately tracking and accounting for gold material losses, ensuring precise inventory management and financial reporting.

Manage Salesman-9

Step 1: Select Item

Manage Salesman-10

Step 2: Then click on Apply

Manage Salesman-11-1

Step 3: Submit

8. You can navigate using Previous and next buttons for individual entries or Previous Party and Next party for broader sections.

Manage Salesman-12

9. Add Tag Items.

Manage Salesman-13

Also, you can Scan Tag for that just hover your mouse cursor on the Scan tag box and a barcode pop-up appears then scan the tags.

After filling in all the details (* field required) click on Get Tag Items then click on SUBMIT & CLOSE

10. Sales Partner Outstanding

→ Go to Other → Sales Partner

Manage Salesman-14

→ List of Salesman Outstanding.

Manage Salesman-20


→ Print Salesman Outstanding details

Step 1: Click the View button.

Manage Salesman-15

→ Users can print or download PDF or Excel sheets.

Manage Salesman-16

11. Sales Partner Stock

→ Go to Other → Sales partner stock

Manage Salesman-17

Step 1: Select the particular checkbox of the data that data you want to download then click PRINT.

Step 2: View the Print detail

Manage Salesman-19