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1.2 Order Management

1.  Click to add order typically refers to a button or option in software.

1 Manage orders

2.  Add items and party.

2-manage orders

  • Add new party if it does not show in the party name dropdown.
  • Add new items if it does not show in the items name dropdown.

3.  After filling in all the details (* field required) click on SUBMIT & PRINT

3-manage order

4.  Print the items details.

4-manage order

5.  Show order click the ready order.

5-manage orders

6.  The Orders done icon showing an arrow typically suggests that an action related to completed orders.

6-manage ordes

7.  Process in Jobwork icon p. This is used to step by step process items.

7-manage orders

8.  Edit, Delete, Melting, Print, View, Clone, Metal, Item Stone all show the icon.


Step 1:  The Edit icon allows modifying details, Delete icon removes data.

Step 2:  Clicking Melting directly displays relevant melting data

Step 3:   View the print icon.


Step 4:  View the all details



Step 5: The Clone function allows users to view or add orders effortlessly.

Step 6: Click metal directly to display metal information.


Step 7: Print the item stone


18-manage orders

9. Click the Gridview and show the all process.

19-manage order

20-manage orders