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3.7 Manage Billing

1. Navigate to Other and select Billing to access billing-related features.

Go to other → Billing

Manage Billing-1

2. To add a new party or item, simply click on the plus icon, and then select New Party or New Item from the menu.

Manage Billing-2

3. Add details.

Manage Billing-3

While create a invoice select INVOICE TYPE
– Tax Invoice
– Labor Invoice

In this software, select the amount and weight types to initiate the calculation process.

4. After filling in all the details (* field required) click on SUBMIT & PRINT.

View the print.

Manage Billing-4

Manage Billing-5

5. Edit icon: pencil symbolizes modification. Delete icon: trash bin indicates removal of content.

Manage Billing-6

6. Click on Previous Party to navigate to the preceding event, and Next Party for the subsequent one.

Manage Billing-7

7. Generate Invoice.

Manage Billing-8

8. Click the print with letterhead.

Manage Billing-9